How Do You Dress An Arched Window?

My bedroom has large window that I think it occupies most areas of my room. At night it provides me a cool breeze and I can really sleep well the problem comes during day time when the sun is high and my room becomes so hot like an oven that I barely stay in my room in day time. It was really a big problem because it seem like I have captured all the sunshine.

As I was thinking for the solution,How to Choose Window Curtains for Larger Windows? Articles I read many magazines about interior decorations and one thing I learned is that; for larger windows, donning a window curtains should focus more on fabric. A silk or lacy window curtains are not suitable for this kind of window as it do not cover up the heat. Cotton is best for this kind of window because it absorb heat during the day when the sun is hot so you feel more comfortable staying in your room even when the sun’s heat is raging. At night time cotton window curtains makes your room cooler as it emancipate the dew especially at dawn time.

Security is also one thing that you should consider. If you have larger and wide window and you open up the window curtains too wide it seems like you are inviting theft to come inside your house. You can place venetian blind, but if you do no want to idea of blinds, the window curtains style should be in a drape to cover metal framed windows some parts of the window. Do not choose color that is too bright if your window is facing east.

It could be that you are tired watching to that wide and lifeless window on your living room, you thought your house is becoming unattractive and that window is bringing all the heat inside the house. Window curtains play a major role in the appeara