The Smart Phone And Iphone War

The smart phone and the iPhone seem to be competing very closely with each other. The smart phone seems like it`s the closest comparison to the iPhone with its look,The Smart Phone And Iphone War Articles design and features. There are however some features that pull the two apart. And depending on how important one option is over the other they might just have you leaning toward one over the other.

The iPhone has many advantages over the sell iphone 11 pro max smart phone, it has lots of applications and the applications are expanding and changing everyday on the apple online store. There is a five hour talk time and three hundred stand by battery life which makes it better than the smartphone at just one hundred and thirty minutes for standby. And low battery life is always a complaint from consumers. There is also more storage space on the iPhone allowing for 8GB to 16 GB where as the smartphone can only hold 2GB to 8 GB at best. Adding music, videos and games is faster on the iPhone with the available iTunes, mobile iTunes for Ipod Touch and the iPhone and the Apple online store.

The smart phone does have some advantages over the iPhone that are worth noting. It has a bigger screen size at 3.7 inch where as the iPhone is just a 3.5 inch screen. It also runs on an open platform allowing any software to make and design programs that run on it and the Android operating system. Google for example has made applications for the smart phone that the iPhone just can`t touch, because all of the applications for the iPhone are Microsoft based. The camera is better quality on the smart phone giving its customers 3 MP over iPhones 2 MP, allowing for clearer shots with more detail. A disadvantage though is that software programs need to be added through removable storage cards or downloaded through Wi-Fi.

The keyboard on the smart phone has consumers complaining that the buttons are hard to press and it`s hard to access. Accessing the phone and calling numbers is also more difficult to use then the iPhone. The sliding motion of the keyboard seems to be stiff and then ultra sensitive to close making it slightly troublesome. The smart phone however, has a strong wireless connection and quick access to the web browser; some even say better then the iPhone. The widgets on the screen of the smart phone make programs fast to access and utilize.

The iPhone is a bit lighter and smaller with excellent graphics and a trim look. It`s glossy and shinny with still a fairly large screen. Users and fans of the Iphone love the applications offered through the Apple store and sometimes don`t mind that outside programs cannot access their phone. The smart phone although it can access the web fast, makes using it as a phone difficult so it has some fans frowning. People who prefer the camera system in a phone might be heading toward the smart phone, although if battery life is an issue through constant work travel or social activities then the iPhone with the longer life might be best.

It seems that the pros and cons of both phones tend to outweigh each other; they both have something to offer and do so effectively. Picking a side is based on personal use and opinion that can only be made with experience using each phone.

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